This chart contains the pricing for all of our domain name services. If you require a specific service not listed here, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Please note that all domain services orders are final. This means that registration, transfer, and renewal fees are non-refundable.

Domain Services:
New Domain Registration » Visit $15.00/year
Domain Registrar Transfer » Visit $15.00 /year
Domain Renewal » Visit $15.00 /year
Hosting and DNS Services:
Advanced DNS Manager » Free Free
Whois Privacy » Free ( Registry whois privacy) Free
Lite Hosting » $100.00 /year or $10.00 /month $100.00 /year or $10.00 /month
Pro Hosting » $199.50 /year or $19.95 /month $199.50 /year or $19.95 /month
Business Hosting » $299.50 /year or $29.95 /month $299.50 /year or $29.95 /month
For a feature list of our Web Hosting Services, check out the Web Hosting Comparison Chart »
Additional Services:
TBR Domains » Starting at $59.95 /year (CAD)
(if we aquire the domain)
There are some other domain-related services that are not widely used such as Registration of municipal dot-ca Domains . These are manual services that are provided by and incur additional administrative fees. Please contact us for details.
Canada GST/HST will apply to all orders from Canada.

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