Domain Extras

Domain Extras

Easy Domain Forwarding

Point your domain easily to an existing website by typing the URL into our wizard. Forwarding a domain can also help if your primary domain has changed and you wish to direct visitors to the new site location. Enable our cloaking feature to show your website address in a browser's address bar, instead of the target website address.

Email Forwarding

Create customized email addresses for your domain that are then forwarded to an existing email address. Email Forwarding provides an alternative to full email inbox service. Creating email forwarding is very simple with our interface. You just need to enter mailbox name you want to create and its destination email address.

Advanced DNS Manager

Host Records Create different record types to accommodate specific DNS needs, using your host's directions:

  • A (address) Point your domain to website services via IP address.
  • CNAME Create alias or subdomains such as
  • URL Frame or URL Redirect Point your domain to any URL (website address) to increase page rankings or forward visitors from an outdated domain name to a new site.
  • Text These records are usually required by companies such as Google to verify domain ownership or enable services.

MX Records Point your domain to email services. These services can be provided by the same or different provider as your website.

Start Domain Registration

Register a domain name with us and take advantage of all these great features:

  • Free Whois Privacy
  • Free Easy Domain Forwarding
  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Free Advanced DNS Manager
  • Free Control Panel (manage 1 or 1000 domains)
  • 24/7 Online Domain Management
  • Phone support