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SiteXpress Website BuilderSiteXpress is an intuitive, point-and-click website building tool which enables you to create an attractive, professional website that is uniquely yours - all without writing a single line of code! With SiteXpress, you can select from over 300 templates with dozens of interchangeable components giving you limitless possibilities.

Everything is customizable from the layout, images, logos, and menus, to the actual content of the pages. Best of all, SiteXpress is a standard feature of every web hosting package at FastWebServer.com , and is included with all of our web hosting packages. *

SiteXpress keeps the look and feel of your web pages consistent, and provides you with the power and flexibility you need to modify anything at any time


Some of the features included with SiteXpress website builder are:
Interchangeable Templates Interchange components between templates, and utilize any template for any website category! Over 300 templates + interchangeable components = limitless possibilities!
Extensive Image Gallery Professional quality images in a wide range of categories. Plus the ability to upload, save, and manipulate your own custom images.
Meta Tags Provide additional information for search engine and crawlers to help improve your ranking.
Menus and Sub-Menus Choose from a variety of sub-menu options with professional rollover effects.
Hierarchy of Pages Add sub pages under existing pages.
Tables Easy table manipulation - add and delete rows and columns.
Easy to Use Site Builder Interface Easy to use tabs provide you with easy access to every feature.
Auto Updates Apply new or changed page logo, header, footer, slogan, or title to all pages at one time.
BreadCrumbs Allow website visitors to see where they are in your website hierarchy.

Here are some sample websites that have been built using the SiteXpress Website Builder tool:

SiteXpress does not require you to download any software to your computer whatsoever. To get started using SiteXpress, simply setup a hosting package. The SiteXpress tool will be conveniently located in the "Control Panel" section of your website.

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* SiteXpress is included with every Linux Shared Hosting package. This includes all packages listed on our Web Hosting page. SiteXpress is not included with any Windows hosting plans.

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